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What do you but the person who has everything ?

January 10, 2013

These day I find it harder and harder to know what to buy people for those special occasions, gone are the days when you could just stick a record token in the card.

Cards, there is another thing, they are either sickly sweet or perverted, neither would be my choice.

So what I do now is go for the personalised option, there are many great sites out there from specialised personalised gift sites to fan sites that will personalise gits and even chainstore sited that now realise the market is out there, and numerous greeting card sites that will send out personalised cards anywhere in the world.

Here are just a few of the sites I have used recently.

Moonpig, , a great site for personalised greetings cards, I have accounts with then in the UK, America and Australia which is where all my family are.  I recently sent a birthday card to my cousin in America who used to be a trucker and the card had a picture of his truck and his name on the number plate.

Liverpool FC website who I used to send a personalised shirt to a family member who is a fan !?

We Love Personalised Gifts this is my favourite site, they sell personalised gifts for all the family, and are always a good site to look on when you want something fun and out of the ordinary.

I know these are all websites and may seem lazy, but in this day and age when you have not always got the time, or in my case have trouble leaving the house these shops are a godsend.

Other personalised gift and card sites are available.

These are my personal choice and I cannot accept any responsibility for any items bought.


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