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Life Don’t Talk to Me About Life

June 22, 2012

It’s been an interesting week, it started with Fathers Day, pretty much a non event seeing as my children are not talking to each other, although I did spend it catching up with Motorsport I had recorded 🙂 The week did’nt get much better, am going through a not sleeping stage again, thank fuck for Netflix is all I can say.
My son has been home from Australia for a month and is driving me up the wall already, he can be so selfish and causes a lot of tension in the house.
Had a new Nurse visit me on Wednesday, she was more interested in my pets than me, we shall see how here visits go.
On the plus side I got to see my grandson briefly, not seen him for a couple of weeks as I was away at Download Festival then my Daughter and Grandson went to spain for a week, damn he is growing fast, an is as cute as ever.
Anyway, just needed to get that off my chest, sorry to bore you all, take care my friends, oh and lastly may I send my condolences to a good friend of mine who lost her mum this week, thinking of you hun.


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