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WTF Dreams

October 20, 2011

Had the strangest dream last night, not usre if it had anything to do with the tragic death of Dan Wheldon last weekend in Indy Car, but here goes.
I was marshalling at an F1 race, the race took place round the edge of a lake, when I say edge I mean very edge, at one point the care had to jump over a jetty flying a few feet over water before landing back on the track.
At the corner I was standing two cars came together and both went into the lake, I dived in to help the drivers, I pulled one from the water who was unharmed, I the dove back under to rescue the second racer, I found his car nealt parked but there was no sign of him, the strange thing was his helmet and gloves were placed neatly on the floor next to the car.

End of dream, psychoanlyse the if you can 🙂


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