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Not Mushroom for a Funghi

September 15, 2011

Heya, has the most sureal weekend last weekend. I recently recieved a letter from someone I have never met saying that my Aunt (who I have never met) was looking to meet me, and was coming over from America for a visit. She is my dad’s sister (I have never met my dad or any of his family). So I agreed thinking it would be just my aunt and uncle I would be meeting. I went to meet them last Saturday along with their friend who had contacted me, it was a lovely day, I found out lots of things about my family I never knew. We arranged to meet again on the Sunday, it turned out my dad had 6 brothers and sisters I never knew about, so when we all met it was scary but amazing, I met aunts, uncles and cousins, we had a great chat, and heave arranged to meet again next month. My Aunt (the original one) lives in America and has 2 children who I have been chatting to via email and Facebook, they are great people 🙂 I hope to get to meet the one day.

When we went to see them we took the motorhome, the site we stayed on was full of mushrooms / toadstools, here are some pics.

Also some pics of  my family 🙂


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