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Ouch that hurt

May 29, 2011

Was out on a lovely ride on my Suzuki Bandit today,riding down some lovely winding national speed limit roads (60mph). I went round quitr a sharp ben so had slowed down to about 40mph only to be greeted by car carnage, tow badly smashed cars and others that had stopped to help/look, I managed to swerve to avoid the cars only to hit a patch of fuel that had leaked from one of the vehicles, the bike slid sideways and downwards, I managed to sliede clear, unluckily the bike hit the whell of one of the cars and flipped, all I remember seeing is bits of my bike flying everywhere in slow motion. I ended up on the pavement on the far side of the road, luckily mostly uninjured, just some bumps, bruises and friction burns. But the bike is a right off. Luckily the drivers of the cars, one of which had no from end left on it were more or less ok, cuts bruises and whiplash. But my biking days are over for a little while. The End (a cheerful sunday story)


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  1. Wow. Glad you’re okay dude, but sorry about the bike. X

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