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Hammerfest 2011

March 26, 2011

The day arrives, planned to leave home late morning to make sure we get there in planty of time, but as usual fate conspires against us. My daughter who is 6 months pregnant was rushed into hospital the day before (wed), luckily it was her blood pressure and nothing more serious, they let her out late morning (thur) so naturally we waited to make sure she was ok, and she insisted we still went to Hammerfest. So leaving home a couple of hours later than planned we hit the road, motorway all the way, had a near miss at the end of the M6 toll road as a swan landed on the carriagway causing cars to swerve everywhere, we got through ok though πŸ™‚
Arrived at Prestatyn at about 630pm, bit gutted as I had missed Tiaxis who I was really looking forward to seeing. Booked in at reception, went to the chalet, no wheelchair ramp (wife has MS), so had to sort that. Eventually it is time to get the part started, headed over to 2nd stage, made it there in time for Jaguar, a good dose of metal to start the drinking/evening. next up were Battleaxe and Elixir, saddly to busy drinking and renewing old friendships to appreciate them but seemed to be getting a good reception from the earlybird audience.
Next up one of my fav bands, Attica Rage, onstage as Attica Undercover, churning out some great cover versions, crowd pleasers as ever, my highlight being Fear of the Dark. After headbanging furiously for the whole set I thought I was done for the nigt, but no, last band on Metalica UK, while not the real thing were still a great way to end the night, by this time I was ever so slightly pissed, so headed into a mosh pit, got smacked in the face and losy my VIP pass, that will teach me πŸ˜‰

Friday morning dawns, had it really been 4am when I got to bed, hell yeah, time to do it all again. Started with a cooked breakfast, then headed over to the Queen Vic (stage 3) for a huge dose of sunshine and some hair of the dog, some young bands onstage inside, sounded good but I stayed in the sun, chatting smoking and drinking, did this till just before 7pm when Breed 77 were due on 2nd stage. The space was rammed , managed to squeeze in, and boy was it worth it, they put on a blinding show. Afterwards me and missus wating for son, where is he now, last seen in the mosh pit, had he been injured??? nope he had been hanging with the band, got them all to signe his arm, then arranged to have it tattoed the next morning, the band were so pleased, we all met them later and they were so nice.
After Breed 77 we watched Revoker, brilliant, then was expecting |Godsized who saddly had not been able to play. then it was over to stage1 to watch Wolf, hell yeah, went down really well and deservedly so. Next up Turisas, a good dose of Viking metal, bloody fantastic, reall drinking music, now all hot and sweaty, wheres my pint.
Accept were next, who I had been looking forward to, but who saddly disapointed, musically they were great, but they bored me to death, and seemed to go on forever, such is life.
Last band of the night, who played to a slightly diminished crowd were Ill Nino, awesomely heavy live, one of my highlights of the weekend , another late night, to old for this shit lol.

Saturday already, last day of festival, although I dont think my head could take much more πŸ˜‰ Normal routine, food, Queen Vic, beer bands, some great bands on small stage today, Ten Cent Toy played a blinding set, Oaf were awesome, a real crowd pleaser and Sadako who are from my home town were brilliant.
Was gutted had missed Beholder, great band, but did make it to Attica Rage album launch, got my signed copy of Road Dog, fantastic album made by fantastic guys, highly recomended.
Headed to stage1, Attica Rage opened the evenings proceedings with a faultless set, playing new and old material, they had fire eaters, grinders, and great songs, my highlight of the weekend.
Next up Grand Magus, I was rather knackeres after Attica so remember very little lol,. but they played a solid set. Them Entombred hit the stage, hell yeah, an hour of metal mayhem πŸ™‚ With Satyricon Sabaton and Viking Skull mashing my brain and rattling my teeth on the main stage, and Evile melting the 2nd stage the weekend is over, I dont actually remember getting back to chalet, but made it eventually, and all to soon it is sunday and time to go home, thank you Hammerfest, already booked for next year, my body may be suffering but it was worth it, what a weekend.


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